Field Bullet Trap


ARDOX 500 bullet, resistant up to 12.7 mm – caliber (not AP), strength to train safely even with heavy calibers.



Field Bullet Trap in ARDOX 500, resistant up to 12.7mm

caliber (not AP), designed to be disassembled, transported and re-assembled from 2 people in about 15 minutes.

The system, with useful shooting size of 2m (height) for 1.5 (width), can indifferently be used with 3D targets TAT3D or with normal paper or cardboard targets, thanks to the kit of
magnets designed for this purpose (optional).

It rests on 4 bases that can be leveled and adapted to the ground, designed to be considered as needed, without the need for repurchase of the entire structure.

The modular system can create a wall of the desired length thanks to the sequential assembly of several TAT3D Bullet Traps.

The ogives, after impact with the steel, shatter and fall into collectors on the bottom of the system, ensuring 100% of the collection of leads in the same.

The binders can be extracted to be emptied into the special containers for disposal, practically reducing the environmental impact of the activity.

On request it is possible to develop Bullet Trap of dimensions customized: we can in fact create ad hoc products based on particular requests.


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