Self defense training templates

Self defense training templates

Browsing the net we stumbled upon an old article from 2019 that appeared on , talks about self defense training with firearms and look a bit … it says what we say!

There are many types of targets that can be used for firearm shooting training, but perhaps not all of them are suitable for self-defense training. “

That’s right, we have already described in our article “ Why is a 3D Target better than a cardboard template?“The difference between the use of targets for the study of the fundamentals or to score points in the competition and the targets for self-defense, however, the author also adds in his writing a correct use of positioning distances, for the defense it is not necessary working with a gun at 25 meters, everything is resolved at a distance of zero or in any case below 10 meters, the rest is just an action movie fantasy.

The only clarification that we would like to add, probably due to the author’s lack of knowledge of our targets, concerns the following step:

Among the targets specifically dedicated to defensive training, I would put in the background some types, among other things almost impossible to find, heavy and extremely expensive such as 3D Targets or those, in special plastic material, which allow the hole left by the ball to close again. Even the metallic ones, as well as being uncomfortable for their weight, once hit “resonate” and get used to the auditory feedback of the result. Good for sport, much less for reality. “


The reason is the same as described in the article, in a country that does not look kindly on silhouettes on paper, let alone a 3D silhouette representing a human subject, in short, bigotry, senseless morals and lack of context analysis skills, training in this case, make it difficult for the product to be distributed widely. Come to us, the site has been online for many years and we have it too online shop .


It depends, we start from just over 6kg of the Rob Operator to climb, certainly they are not products indicated to the end user but to the polygons or entities that want to equip themselves to train / train end users, the ideal use is in killer house or in routes set up ad hok, nothing prevents you from getting one and using it for the “final study” on a 3D shape that no, it does not show the hit during the shot, no, it is not visible as a colored and detailed drawing, no, it does not have flat shapes suitable for engagement only from the front position. In short, there is a lot of work to be done on it.

extremely expensive

Here too it depends, always with the Rob Operator we start from just over 200 € ivato, they are professional products dedicated above all to a professional user, conception, study and realization have a cost, think about how much a dental appliance made of wire costs. iron and plates glued to your teeth, you don’t pay for the material, you pay for your smile.

We sell you your survival.

with the hole closing

Precisely because of their cost we have created a product that can last over time: the hole closes and avoids the destruction of the target until after thousands of shots (see ) and in any case all the components are interchangeable. For the final point it is possible to insert a cardboard template inside that will detect the holes, moreover the internal organs are shaped in the internal part of the chest of our mannequins to check the effectiveness of the hit. We’re not training to hit cans, gentlemen, we’re learning to survive.

In conclusion, here you can read the entire article that appeared on gunsweek and here you can view our entire range of products

Self defense training is serious business, do it seriously.

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