Shooting target

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  • Mario Bullet Trap - TAT3D

    Mario BT

    Realistic targets TAT3D: target of origin of our range of professional targets.

    Ideal for any type of training, fully modular and safe, modular in 4 different heights, does not contain metal parts.

  • Steel target GONG - TAT3D

    Steel Target GONG

    Support system and target of various shapes and sizes in Ardox 500.

  • Steel target TRIPOD - TAT3D

    Steel Target TRIPOD

    This system allows a quick assembly and easy transportation furthermore, being able to adjust the position of the rods, it can be leveled on sloping ground allowing easy use anywhere.

  • Mario HC - TAT3D

    Mario HC

    TOP Target of the TAT3D range, consists of the target Mario SF with a BULLETS TRAP in Ardox 500 inserted inside.