Realistic targets

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  • Fedo


    Dumy for martial arts and close combat operative techniques.


    Luigi FX

    Target optimized for use with FX-Simunition type shells.

  • Rob HD

    Rob HD

    TAT3D Target equipped with Underdog cognitive system.

  • Rob target - TAT3D

    Rob operator

    Modular design allows the-end user to replase one part at time, keeping costs down and increasing the life cycle of the target.

    TAT3D REX Mover

    Radio-controlled system to make the TAT3D Targets mobile.

    Allows you to carry all our targets.

  • Mario Sniper - TAT3D

    Mario Sniper

    Three-dimensional silhouette of the Mario series, with an Ardox 500 steel target inserted inside with relative sides to contain rebounds or splinters. With pivoting window that when hit hits a visual and sound reference.

  • Mario Sniper B - TAT3D

    Mario Sniper B

    Target configurable in 4 different solutions.
    Intended for use where immediate feadback is required.

  • Mario FD - Tatctical 3D Targets

    Mario FD

    Three-dimensional silhouette of the Mario series, with the distinction of being able to fall when hit thanks to the loss of balance function.

    The system works through a screw adjustment that brings the target to the limit of the equilibrium condition.

    Once struck in the center, the plate absorbs the bullet and the accumulated energy allows it to fall.

  • Mario Bullet Trap - TAT3D

    Mario BT

    Realistic targets TAT3D: target of origin of our range of professional targets.

    Ideal for any type of training, fully modular and safe, modular in 4 different heights, does not contain metal parts.