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  • Accessories for threat priorities - TAT3D

    Accessories for threat priorities

    Accessories are made of the same material as our targets, ideal for recreating various scenes for training for target acquisition and on the priority of threats.

  • AK47 TAT3D

    Ak47 rifle with magazine.

    Ak47 rifle with removable magazine.

    Made of the same material as our targets and usable across the whole Mario targets series.

  • Body plate bullet trap target Mario HC - TAT3D

    Bullet trap plate (spare)

    Replacement plate in Ardox 500 for use on bullet trap of the realistic target body.

  • Cardboard body target (spare) - TAT3D

    Cardboard body target (50 sheet)

    Internal cardboard shaped to be inserted into our targets to detect the projectile entry point.

    Can be used on all our TAT3D target product line.

  • Cardboard head target (spare) - TAT3D

    Cardboard head target (50 sheet)

    Shaped cardboard to be inserted on the flat target head (H4) or behind the normal head (H1) to detect the projectile entry point.

  • Target body Mario - spare - TAT3D

    Chest target (spare)

    Central target chest with integrated internal organ display at the rear to determine accuracy and lethality .

    Made in the same material as our targets and usable across the ENTIRE TAT3D product line.


  • Target body point for Mario HC - TAT3D

    Chest target point

    Chest breast with Ardox 500 steel plate and mechanical hit feedback signaller, which is exposed when a projectile contacts the plate.


  • TAT3D shooting target

    Disk target

    Self-healing polyurethane discs like all our targets.

  • TAT3D shooting target base

    Disk target base

    Nylon base with wooden support for target shooting.